The Jareth Sticker

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Jareth, "The Goblin King", possesses supernatural powers like transforming into a white owl, altering time, and moving the stars. A figure of intrigue, he's captivated by Sarah, the film's heroine. Grab this sticker and add some Labyrinth magic to your belongings!

Collect them all: The Sarah Sticker, The Hoggle Sticker, The Ludo Sticker and The Worm Sticker

This Labyrinth product is exclusively available for purchase in the US and is an officially licensed merchandise bearing the ™ & © The Jim Henson Company.  JIM HENSON’S mark & logo, LABYRINTH mark & logo, characters and elements are trademarks of The Jim Henson Company.  Motion Picture © 1986 Labyrinth Enterprises.  All Rights Reserved.

Size: 1.9 x 3 in
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Yvonne Aprato
Nice to have a little Jareth on my morning coffee cup!

Super cute and these stickers really stay on!

Jareth Sticker

Cute sticker and looks exactly like picture. Very happy with product!